About Me

Matt Voska

I build tech companies that make society more efficient.


Currently, I’m the Chief Operating Officer at Bannerman (Y Combinator S2014), where we’re bringing the pen & paper-based security guard industry onto the internet by brokering security services with our proprietary guard management software.


Previously, I was the CEO & Co-founder of Flytenow (Also YC S2014), where we built a ride-sharing platform for private pilots to share their empty seats with passengers interested in going to the same destination. We had to shut down when the FAA banned aviation ride-sharing in the US. We’ve since been fighting the FAA and working with lawmakers to overturn the ruling and allow pilots to legally share their costs with passengers using the internet.

Before founding Flytenow, I was a software engineer at Carbonite on the internal tools team. I briefly studied computer engineering at Northeastern University.


When I’m not building, I enjoy learning new adrenaline-pumping activities and exploring the vast cultures and landscapes of the world. I fly airplanes, paragliders, and paramotors, ride motorcycles, and kitesurf.

I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and have since lived in Boston, San Francisco, and London. I now live abroad and work remotely.